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43 inch multimedia digital advertising screen network advertising monitor floor stand lcd ad player

Standalone Version (USB/ SD Type)

Key Features

  • Support 1920*1920 high definition video decoding
  • Mix videos and pictures without blank screen, seamless switching is avaliable
  • Internal 4G memory, store thousands of high definition pictures
  • Play directly with USB disk connected, no need editing
  • Powerful Timing turning on and off during different periods, which can be set by day or week
  • Various internal picture transition patterns, which can be set by the software
  • Storage of 100 playlists in maximum, which can be played according to the preset time
  • Free switching between horizontal screen and vertical screen without being edited by other tools
  • The screen can be divided flexibly in horizontal or vertical direction and can achieve the effect: 1 video +4 pictures+ 1 scrolling caption +1 logo+ 1 perpetual calendar+ background
  • Video format: MPG, AVI, RMVB, MOV, MP4 etc

Network Version (Android/ WebOS)

Key Features

  • Support local area Network/ Wide Area Network, WIFI /3G/ 4G
  • Offer sever for free, easy to use
  • Support 2.5 inch hard disk, USB disk, SD card and CF card
  • Network interface: Internert 10/100m, wireless network: 802.11/G
  • The server can send instant scrolling caption content to the terminal player.
  • Support video, picture and scrolling text to be played in full screen and divided screen.
  • When internet disconnects, the player will play the per-edited content as a single version machine.
  • Pictures and text in different sections can be divided flexibly, video section is user-defined.
  • Support text and picture to be played in scrolling way, support intercut function and timing turning on and off.
  • Various resources can be played, including video, audio file, picture and text.
  • The server can supervise and control all the terminal players in real time.
  • Output interface: CVBS/RCA stereo audio and video.
  • The server can monitor the playlist on the terminal player.
  • The typeface and size of characters can be chosen in text set in interface.
  • Highly secure with a complete and closed system.
  • The client-side maintenance and software can be updated online.
  • Update the broadcast content automatically through internet or by hand.
  • Customized logo service. But, we also hope you know that it's an extra service,so a little bit extra service fee is needed.

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